How to Download Photos

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Snag Your Own Copies of Your Favorite
Saddlebrooke Squares Photos — FREE

Starting with the 2009-2010 dance season, all Saddlebrooke Squares photos have been uploaded to With Shutterfly you can view the pictures online in a variety of formats; download them to your own computer and print them on your printer; you can even order prints if you want to.

While browsing our photo albums, you will be offered opportunities to place orders for various Shutterfly products. But you don’t have to spend a cent to view our photos online or even to download your own copy.

If you just want to view photos online…

You don’t have to do anything special. Just go to the Website, select an album and start browsing. View Photos Online Now >>>

If you want to download photos to your computer…

First, you’ll have to join Shutterfly. You’ll only have to do this once. Then you’ll be able to log in and download pictures whenever you want. Join Shutterfly Free Now >>>

After you have a Shutterfly membership, here’s how to download SBS pictures in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Go to the SBS Photo Album Website.
  2. Click the “View Album” link, which is either just above or to the right of the album you want to view.
  3. Browse the album thumbnail photos. When you see a picture you’d like to download, hover over the picture and move cursor to the drop down arrow (or just right-click on the picture). Then select the “Download this picture” option.

(If you are not logged in to your Shutterfly account at the time, you’ll get a login popup. Login with your Shutterfly email and password. Then complete the download process.)

Repeat Step 3 for each picture you want to download.