Give Us a Whirl

Why are These People Laughing?

Come Find Out for Yourself when SaddleBrooke Squares presents …

“Give Us a Whirl”

Your chance to try
square dancing f
or FREE!!

  • When:
    Sunday, Jan. 13, 2019, 7:00 – 8:30 PM
  • Where: MountainView Ballroom of the MountainView Clubhouse, 38759 S. MountainView Blvd., SaddleBrooke
  • Attire: Casual

What Is Give Us a Whirl?


Anyone can learn to do it, even if you consider yourself to be “dance challenged” or have not fared well with other dance lessons. (Men, admittedly, most of our male club members were coerced by their wives to try square dancing, but they now enjoy it as much or more than their spouses.)

We have weekly evening lessons (Sundays from 7:00 to 8:30 PM) where you learn with experienced dancers and under the direction of our outstanding resident Square Dance Caller/Instructor. We also have on-line video lessons (also available on DVD) which you can review both before and after your lessons, and we give you lots of time to practice what you have learned. Get the details on our New Dancer Program.


Mayo Clinic study reports you can burn 200 – 400 calories in just 1/2 hour of square dancing. Exercise your mind and body.

The Mayo Clinic Health Letter states, “Square dancing is also a great way to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, burn calories, and strengthen bones. Just as important, square dancing helps develop strong social ties which are critical to your mental health.”


On January 13, 2019, we will be giving a free introductory square dance lesson. It will start at 7:00 PM in the MountainView Clubhouse Ballroom. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience what square dancing is all about. You owe it to yourself to check it out. All you have to do is show up.

Don’t Miss Give Us a Whirl – 2019

Date: January 13, 2019
Time: 7:00 – 8:30 PM
Place: MountainView Ballroom of the MountainView Clubhouse, 38759 S. MountainView Blvd., SaddleBrooke

If you need directions or have questions…

Give Us a Whirl is open to everyone in SaddleBrooke HOA1 and HOA2. If you have questions, need directions, or just want to communicate with someone about Give Us a Whirl or our square dance program: Send Us an Email Here.