Board of Directors Online Communications

This is the online communications network for SaddleBrooke Squares Board of Directors. The purpose of this group is to facilitate email communication between board members and to automatically archive all board correspondence. Only SBS Board members are authorized to send and receive communications through this group.

Already know the details? Access the Board Website here >>> (then click “Sign In”)

Need more info? Here it is…

IMPORTANT … Before you can use the features of this system, you must be authorized. You will receive an invitation from Google Groups to join this restricted group. You must accept this invitation before you are formally added to the group. When you receive this invitation, read it carefully and follow the instructions for accepting the invitation. All you have to do is to click the link supplied in the email.

Once you accept the invitation, the following features of the Board of Directors Communication System are available to you.

There are three elements to this communications system:

  1. Sending & Receiving Email – There is literally nothing you have to do to receive Board emails. If you are a SaddleBrooke Squares Board member and have accepted your invitation to join the communication group, your email address has already been authorized for delivery. To send an email to all board members, all you have to do is to address the email to Only emails originating from authorized Board email addresses will be delivered. This will block all spam and unauthorized senders.
  2. Accessing Board Communications on the Web – All correspondence sent through this group is automatically archived on the Board communications Website. It is appropriate that access to this information be restricted to Board members. To that end, you must set up a Google account (free), where you will enter your email address and select a password. Your Google account login will give you access to the SBS Board Website. If you already have a Google account under your email address, then you are already set. If you don’t have a Google account, there is a very simple and short form for signing up. Sign up for your Google account here. You only have to do this once.
  3. Uploading and Downloading Files – Another very valuable feature of the Board Communications Website is the ability to upload files that can be accessed by the rest of the group. This feature allows for archiving and easy retrieval of important club and Board documents. To access these files, log onto the Board Website using your Google account login. Then click the “Files” link in the right margin and click the file you wish to access. (To download a file to your computer, right-click the file’s name and select “Save Target As”). You can upload a file to share with the rest of the Board by clicking the “Upload File” button on the Files page.

Enter SBS Board Website Here
Google Account login required


STEP 1: Accept the Google Groups email invitation to join the group. This only has to be done once.

To receive Board email, just check your email normally.

To send email to the Board, address it to .

To access the Board Communications Website sign up for your Google account (if you haven’t already done so). Then login to the Board Website using your email address and Google password.

Select “Discussions” to review past messages or “Files” to access uploaded files.


Communicating “on the road” – If you are traveling and wish to communicate with the Board, you might find that your email is blocked if you’re sending from someone else’s computer and someone else’s email address. To get around this, log into the Board Website, click the “New Topic” button, and compose your message there.

Public vs. Private Correspondence – If you “reply” to a Board email, the entire Board will receive the reply. This is by design to facilitate open communication. IF YOU EVER WANT TO SEND A PRIVATE REPLY be sure to send it to the sender’s private email address which will bypass the distribution system.