Who We Are

SaddleBrooke Squares 10th Anniversary Reunion

SaddleBrooke Squares 10th Anniversary Reunion

Our objective: To promote interest in square dancing and to encourage fellowship among its members.

The SaddleBrooke Squares (SBS) were formed in January1995. The SBS became a sanctioned club of the Saddbrooke HOA in 1998.

We Square Dance at the Plus Level

There are several levels of square dancing: Mainstream, Plus, Advance and Challenge. The SBS choose to dance at the Plus level.

homepageTo accommodate all of our members with varied experience and interest, we offer a versatile program of Plus level square dance venues. We also have a “Party Night” on the third Thursday of each month, where everyone in SaddleBrooke Squares (including the class) mixes and mingles, laughs and dances, all with one goal in mind … to just have fun.

Most of our regular dances and parties are held here in SaddleBrooke in one of our two clubhouses.

We pride ourselves in having fun in every way we can. In addition to our own club dances, we promote attendance at several out-of-town festivals a year. Festivals are not competitions, but just optional fun weekends filled with square dancing.

We have other special events from time to time, such as our periodic “Mystery Trip,” where we have to follow clues to some “unknown” destination. Once we arrive, there is socializing, food (of course), and square dancing (of course).

Memebers of SaddleBrooke Squares gather for our "Mystery Trip."

Memebers of SaddleBrooke Squares gather for our “Mystery Trip.”

demosquareSquare Dance Lessons

Teaching is a Priority

Since the inception of the SBS, we have had a strong teaching program conducted by our caller, Larry Kraber, who is a SaddleBrooke resident. We do everything we can to assist the new dancers in learning to dance the calls that will enable them to square dance at a competent Plus level. See New Dancer Program for details of our comprehensive teaching program for new dancers.

Whether you are an experienced dancer or just interested in this fun program, please contact us here. We would enjoy seeing you across one of our squares in the future.